Royal Performance in Singapore

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L to R: Mark Bradley, Dimitri Kopanakis, Brad Wilson, His Serene Highness Prince Albert II

Tenors Undercover were privileged to be called to Singapore to perform for none other than His Serene Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco at a special fundraising event for the Fondation Prince Albert II de Monaco. As His Highness had seen and loved The Three Waiters in the past, we had to come in a new disguise.

Happily, the Prince and his guests enjoyed our performance just as much as the first time, and indeed were as completely taken by the ruse as they had been with The Three Waiters. In fact, the Prince actually called one of our performers, masquerading as a Two Star Michelin Chef, over to his table for a private audience earlier in the evening. Imagine his surprise later when the chef returned and turned out to be a world class singer!

Remember, if you have had The Three Waiters for your event and wished you could have them return, we have a number of imaginative ways that we can return and surprise your guests again and again. Contact your local office to learn about your options: USAUnited KingdomAustralia.

What a memorable night, with a Royal Standing Ovation!



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Picture your next event…

The guests are settled and everything is proceeding smoothly and according to plan. You swap business cards with the person to your left. The guest speaker tells an anecdote from their best selling book. You briefly wonder whether there will be entertainment tonight. What you don’t realise is you’ve already met the cast!

The creators of multi-award winning act The Three Waiters present another master hoax; Tenors Undercover – based on the successful surprise entertainment formula made famous.

Tenors Undercover has received rave reviews from a wide demographic including two royal families and numerous high profile private and corporate clients. The act involves male and/ or female performers intricately masquerading throughout the event as anything from guest speakers to award winning chefs, wine experts, ushers and planted guests, culminating in a dynamic performance guaranteed to be a hit with any audience.